The Therapy Process

Setting Goals

Following comprehensive assessment and a feedback session with parents, goals will be established in conjunction with parents and , where appropriate, the child. These goals will be clear and measurable and will always be based on the family’s priorities for change.

Individualised Therapy Programme

Once goals are determined, a suitable therapy programme will be devised and implemented. Treatment is usually carried out in the clinic with home and school activities to support it. Occasionally therapy may be implemented solely in the school setting or at home according to each child’s situation. Treatment is always tailored to the individual needs of the child and their family.

There are primarily two types of treatments models offered at Thrive OT:

  1. Weekly 1:1 sessions (approx 50 minutes) for a set number of weeks (duration determined following the assessment process)
  2. Intensive Treatment Module – We offer an intensive occupational therapy treatment model based on the treatment model of the STAR Centre. Recent research shows that frequent repetition is needed to make brain and behavioural changes. The intensive model entails short term intensive therapy 3-5 times per week.

At Thrive OT, we specialise in Sensory Integration  but we combine Sensory Integration Therapy with other “best-practice” approaches. We have both a “top-down” and “bottom-up” approach. This includes both the neurological foundations of functions (such as sensory processing) and the functional abilities (like playing with friends) and quality of life factors (such as having a peaceful home life).

Thrive OT offers many occupational therapy approaches. According to each child’s needs, more than one approach may be recommended. Often a combination of approaches may be integrated into the treatment process.

please see: Sensory Integration TherapyTherapeutic Listening, etc

Working in Partnership

Therapists and families will form a partnership and will work very closely together. Families will receive advice, guidance and support throughout the process, as too will the child’s teachers or any other individual working closely with them.

Progress Reviews

Targets will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis and the progress made summarised in a report. Thrive OT will liaise closely with other therapists including speech and language or physiotherapists and other medical personnel involved with the child.