Group Therapy

Group therapy comprises of a small number of children. Children within the group will be of a similar level, have difficulties in similar problem areas and have similar therapeutic goals. There are  many benefits of group therapy sessions for children. Group sessions are used to help children gain a feeling of acceptance from their peers that they may not commonly receive. Children have a sense of being as they are presented with children in a similar position as themselves and realise that other children are working through challenges too, just like them. Group sessions helps to increase confidence and improves self-esteem. Children learn valuable lifelong skills such as cooperation, social interaction and communication skills.

The following groups are available throughout the year:

  • Making & Keeping Friends (Social Skills)
  • Movers & Shakers (Sensory-Motor Skills)
  • ‘How does my engine run?’ (Self-regulation Skills)
  • School Readiness Group
  • Handwriting Group

If you have any questions regarding group therapy for your child, please speak to your Occupational Therapist.

Note: Group sessions will only be suggested if your child has the ability self-regulate appropriately to cope in a potentially noisy and busy group setting.


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