Initial enquiries regarding an Occupational Therapy Assessment can be made by phone or email. At this time, referral information will be taken and you will be asked a number of questions relating to your concerns to ensure your child warrants an Occupational Therapy Assessment. A suitable appointment time will be made for your child’s assessment. Your contact details will be taken and you will be sent a confirmation email/ letter containing important information regarding your child’s assessment and a pre-assessment pack including a parent and teacher questionnaire. Parents are encouraged to provide any previous assessment reports from health care professionals and any pertinent school documents. It is important to bring all of these documents on the day of your child’s assessment.

Our Occupational Therapy assessment is a three step process. This ensure a complete comprehensive assessment of your child:

  1. Assessment using a range of standardised and non-standardised tools, clinical observations, unstructured observations and interviews (two – two and a half hours)
  2. Feedback session with Parent(s) (45 minutes)
  3. Full Report