Primary Schools

There are several ways in which Thrive OT can assist or benefit your primary school. Below is a list of services we offer to school staff and / or parent associations of mainstream and specialist schools e.g. ASD units, Speech & Language Units, Special Needs Schools

Accessing Department of Education Resources:

All Occupational Therapy reports are Department of Education recognised. When a child meets the criteria for certain diagnoses by an Occupational Therapist, where appropriate, they can access resources or support such as:

  • Special Needs Assistants
  • Resource hours
  • Learning support
  • Specialised equipment such as slope boards, cushions, specialised seating
  • Specialist technology e.g. use of a laptop
  • Movement breaks and sensory breaks

Screening within schools:

Often, schools may have several children within many classes that they think may need an Occupational Therapy assessment or screening. At Thrive OT, we offer a unique service whereby we can screen children within schools, over the period of a morning or full day.

Teacher CPD:

Croke Park hour CPD courses are now available for individual teacher or group teacher training programmes. They aim to support principals and teachers who wish to use school Croke Park hours to gain knowledge and understanding of Occupational Therapy and areas relevant to Occupational Therapy and the educational environment. There are various training courses available which can be tailor-made at the school’s request. All training courses are eligible for inclusion in Croke Park hours. Thrive OT can provide certification of attendance if required for CPD. 

Groups run by an Occupational Therapist within a school:

These benefit the children involved and provide training for any teachers who wish to assist or to view the group. Some of the groups we run include:

  • Sensory-motor skills
  • Social Skills
  • Gross Motor and Motor Planning skills
  • Handwriting
  • ‘How does your engine run?’ Self-regulation skills