Your child’s therapy journey with Thrive OT

Having made an appointment, you and your child will be seen by an Occupational Therapist. Before you come in, you will need to record all the issues you feel your child has including specific examples and any observations from yourself, other family members or friends.

You will need to think about

    • how your child behaves
    • how they communicate and socialise
    • their physical capabilities
    • any difficulties you perceive or know about at pre-school or school.

Taking a look at the referral indicators on this website will help you.

Before your appointment we ask you to complete a Parent Questionnaire and also a Teacher Questionnaire which your child’s teacher(s) should complete.

Initial appointment

During your initial appointment we will discuss the information you have brought in and will assess your child using a variety of different assessment tools as appropriate.

This may include assessment of your child whilst

  • moving
  • working at a desk
  • through conversation
  • observation when given instructions.


This initial assessment will take approximately 2 – 2 and a half hours to complete. After completion, we will score and interpret assessment results and findings and synthesise all the information we have and write up a report. Reports will be received by parents at the latest time of 3 weeks after the assessment date. The report will fully explain the outcomes of the assessment tools. It will detail in full the areas of difficulty seen, how they impact on function and skills, and will provide recommendations for OT input. It is suggested that parents read this report before attending the feedback session.


We then invite you back for a feedback session (45 minutes).  Your child is not required to attend, however older children may wish to. During this meeting, the contents of the report will be fully explained and any recommendations discussed with information sheets given. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have and discuss and devise goals for therapy sessions.

Therapy sessions

All therapy sessions are designed around every child’s level of need. Generally speaking, depending on the child’s difficulties, we would normally recommend a block of sessions in our clinic where the child would receive direct one on one treatment for a minimum of 50 minutes once or twice a week. We will also give a plan to follow at home and can visit school to discuss how to best implement our recommendations in the school environment. It is difficult to say at the outset how many hour sessions an individual child might need, we generally would recommend a minimum of 12-14 in order to see tangible improvement.

Follow up meeting

We will organise a follow up meeting after an agreed number of therapy sessions to assess progress and fine tune your child’s programme according to their needs. Further therapy sessions will be discussed, if required, and agreed as appropriate.

Top up sessions

You may find your child requires top up sessions at a later date once they have finished their initial block of treatment. We are always happy to speak to you about any concerns and will guide you in the most appropriate course of action.

Group therapy sessions

Group therapy sessions may be suggested for your child. This would involve a therapy session with one or more children with similar problem areas. Group sessions are used to increase confidence within children and improve social interaction and communication skills. Children have a sense of being as they are presented with children similar to themselves. These groups will only be suggested if you child has the capacity to regulate themselves so that they can cope in group settings.

When you feel all goals have been met and your child is achieving their full potential at home and at school then OT will no longer be required and we will discharge your child.