Can a parent refer a child or young person for assessment and treatment?
Yes. Parents can refer their child directly to Thrive OT for assessment or treatment.

Does my child need a diagnosis to attend?
No. Children do not need a diagnosis to attend Thrive OT.

Is there a waiting list?
Currently we do not have a waiting list and should be able to offer an appointment within a few weeks.

What happens when I first contact Thrive OT?
You can contact Thrive OT via info@thriveot.ie or call for a free telephone consultation (on 047 52671) in order to speak to an Occupational Therapist about the concerns you have regarding your child. The therapist will talk you briefly through our services and give you an idea of the approaches that might help your child based on the information you have given.
It is then advisable to book an appointment so that we can meet yourself and your child and assess their difficulties so that we can determine how best to address them.

Where is the clinic?
Thrive OT clinic is located in The Diamond, Clones, Co. Monaghan. It is located opposite the waterfall structure in the centre of the town. Thrive OT is situated next to Clones Credit Union.

Is there parking?
Yes. There is lots of free parking around The Diamond in Clones and there is a convenient public car park at the back of the clinic (Credit Union car park)

What should my child wear?
Comfortable play clothes! Occupational therapy can be very physical and sometimes messy, so comfortable clothes are the order of the day. The gym is a “no shoe” zone. It has rubber matting and carpet floors, and big soft cushions to crash in. If your child has issues with these surfaces, be sure to have some socks to help them be more comfortable.

What should I expect at an assessment?
The assessment can take up to two and a half hours to complete. Your child will be given breaks as necessary during this time. It is your decision whether you wish to be present during your child’s assessment. It is recommended however you that you do attend for at least part of the assessment, especially for younger children who mayneed support settling in and adjusting to a new environment and an unfamiliar person. The assessment will consist of several standardised and non-standardised tests, clinic observations and questionnaires. The assessment may look at your child’s sensory processing, gross motor, fine motor, visualperceptual, social and play skills as well as interaction and engagement within the environment.

What do I need to bring to the assessment?
You need to bring the completed Parent and Teacher questionnaires which you received on booking the assessment.
It is also advised that you bring anything you think may be relevant such as:

  • Reports from any professional you have seen in the past for your child.
  • If your concerns centre around school issues, your most recent school reports.
  • If your child struggles in new situations, be sure to bring a comfort toys/object that will help them cope better.

If your child needs to eat/drink frequently when under stress, please bring what works for them, as we want to see them at their best and using their coping strategies.

How quickly will I have the assessment report?
Our assessment reports are detailed and take considerable time to evaluate and complete, we aim to have them completed within two to three weeks. During public holiday periods this may be longer.For some children it is best to see them over the course of a few appointments in order to get the best evaluation of their needs before compiling a report.

My child has recently been assessed can we still come for treatment?
Yes as long as you can bring your assessment reports from which we can devise a treatment plan following our own clinical observations.

How soon can my child be re-assessed using a standardised test?
Given that some formal assessments with standardised scores should not be repeated within six months, it is important to know of any prior assessment that has taken place.

What is your cancellation policy?
We require a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation. If an appointment is cancelled within 24 hours, it is up to parents to either:

  • Reschedule the cancelled appointment as an additional session within 2 weeks
  • Pay the full amount of the cancelled session

We ask that as much notice as possible is given if you need to rearrange an appointment.

Can a child or young person be seen by HSE/ NHS Therapists in addition to Independent Therapists?
Yes, often due to resources the HSE and NHS, therapy input may be limited. We will aim to work with the public sector therapists as closely as possible to facilitate the best possible outcome from intervention.

Can I access your services for free?
We regret that we cannot offer this at present as we as we are a private business and require fees in order to operate.

How often are treatment sessions?
Answer to come

What happens in treatment sessions?
Answer to come

Do parents come in to treatment sessions?
Answer to come

What fees does Thrive OT charge?
Please contact us for our schedule of fees

What payment methods does Thrive OT accept?

  • Cash
  • Debit and Credit cards inc. Visa, Mastercard
  • Cheques made out to ‘Thrive Occupational Therapy’