Who we help

At Thrive OT, we pride ourselves on being fully inclusive. We accept ALL children.

We cater primarily for children and adolescents from birth to eighteen years of age. However, we also provide services and supports for young adults in third level, continuing education or who have ongoing needs and concerns.

Our main aim is to help children and young people with developmental, learning, motor and/or behavioural issues to overcome their difficulties, to enable them to progress physically, socially and academically so that they can thrive. This includes both children with milder symptoms and those with more severe issues and complex needs.

Many children present with a range of difficulties but may not have a diagnosed condition. Some are exceptionally intelligent in mainstream schools. We always look at the individual child’s strengths, taking the view that “conditions” do not define a child nor predict their potential to thrive.

Challenges/ Behaviours your child may present with

Conditions we help