About Thrive OT

Thrive Occupational Therapy is a specialist therapy practice which provides Occupational Therapy services to children and adolescents between the ages of 0 – 18 years old.

Located in the centre of Clones, Co.Monaghan, our custom-built clinic offers access to individual assessment or therapeutic intervention as well as education and training services from a highly specialised paediatric occupational therapy team.

Our Mission:

    • To adopt a true child and family-centred approach to therapy to help ensure the best possible outcomes
    • To help children and young people live meaningful lives through facilitating independence and maximising potential
    • To empower children and young people who experience challenges in any aspect of their life at home/ school to overcome their difficulties and live a rich and fulfilling life to the best of their ability
    • To gain a deep understanding of each child’s needs in order to tailor the specific individualised therapeutic input they require to achieve
    • To support families and schools in providing an integrated and holistic approach to children’s needs enabling them to reach their potential
    • To educate and promote public awareness through provision of workshops and training courses

Amongst the many therapeutic treatment approaches we offer, Thrive OT specialises in the provision of sensory integration therapy – a cornerstone to the treatment of children and young people with learning, development, motor and/or behavioural problems.

Tto find out more about sensory integration therapy, please click here.